Exercises for Seniors – More Comfort and Longer Life

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Senior persons, who take part in regular exercises, are always expected to live longer. While doing any exercise, it is not supposed to devote at least 3-4 hours every day. Performing any exercise for a few minutes can work well, as a minimum of half an hour. Regular exercising also unravels a bunch of problems of elderly people in terms of their body fitness.

There are some exercises that are suggested for seniors, both older men and women:

Shoulder Rotation

In this exercise, seniors have to first doze off in a relaxed position. Then you should stretch your arms downwards first. Also stretch your hands at least for a few seconds. Next to this activity, stretch your both hands in the upward position and keep your hands in this position for some seconds. This exercise is very constructive for the shoulders of the body.

Exercise Using the Wall

In this stretching exercise, a wall is used to perform the same. Seniors have to stand near a wall, however extremely near. You will have to touch the wall firstly. Your arms should be tightly straight, and then curve your left leg in a technique that your toes and legs stroke the ground. After this, bend your leg in such a way that your body is hard-pressed flipside. You have to reiterate this exercise daily for better results.

Table Balancing Exercise

This is an easiest exercise, and admired by many seniors. In this exercise, your need some hard table that can offer a strong hold. You have to stand next to the table attempting to balance on it. You need to stand on your toes. You have to be dawdling and a bit slow in this exercise. You have to come down to your normal position very slowly and firmly.

Raising Arms Exercise

Raising Arms is a good stretching exercise for seniors. This exercise can help make stronger your shoulders. The elderly people can perform this exercise by simply on a chair. By repeating this exercise a number of times daily, it can keep you fit and healthy.

Calf Exercise

This is a good exercise for supporting the calves and thwarting fall outs. In this exercise, simply a chair or a table is needed by the seniors for support. While properly holding on to the chair, the senior can stand with his/her feet horizontal on the ground. After this, try to gradually stand on tiptoes and embrace this masquerade for at least 30 seconds. Take a break for a few seconds, and the replicate the entire development for at least 10 counts.

Chair Stoops

This exercise is beneficial for many seniors. It helps strengthen the legs and hips. This exercise can be started by just sitting on a chair, and then leaning to some extent forward and finally standing up. It will be most excellent, if the senior uses his or her hands to support him/her in standing up gradually. In another case, holding on to the arm rests ought to be done.

Sit and Reach

This is a good exercise for intensifying the interior muscles in order to develop balance. You can start by sitting on a chair, and keeping your feet smoothly on the floor. The arms ought to be kept straight in the front. After this, bit by bit envisage reaching for something ahead with the hips. Try to embrace this masquerade and then come back to the preliminary position.

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