Fun Games for Seniors

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Games are such a fun use of free time, especially for retired seniors. There are plenty of games online and also in a traditional format that stretch your mind and make for an interesting way to pass the time.

It’s the age of the internet, and the entire world is reaping the benefits. Just a brief outline on how much the internet has effected our culture, economics and even politics could take a small book to state. But aside from that it’s also completely revolutionized the way we look at recreation. Suddenly games, books, videos can all be viewed at any time you want. The younger generation has certainly benefited, but how about seniors? Though it could be claimed a smaller percentage of senior citizens use the internet compared to the younger generations, those that do use it can stand to enjoy it thoroughly.

Once it has gotten to the point where you can retire and no longer need to work, free time becomes the norm rather than a rare pleasure. And though many people make good use of that, some lead less active or mentally stimulating lives as a result. Certainly there are stretches of time that can be filled with going to games of some kind, or participating in crafts, there’s only so much of your time that can be occupied through things outside of your own home. The internet, on the other hand, is a constant source of entertainment and stimulation.

Games in particular can be a fun use of free time. There are many online games on the internet, but admittedly a large portion of flash, java, and in general ‘video games’ on the internet are aimed at a far younger audience than the senior demographic. There are plenty of games that can fit into a more traditional format out there though, beyond simply playing Solitaire on your base system.

Bingo, chess, checkers and the like can all be found on the internet for seniors, playing both against people and computers. This may beg the question why play on the internet when you can play in real life, but that’s just it. You can’t play it in real life. At least not whenever you chose like you can on the internet. It may be the same game as it is in real life, but it adds a level of accessibility that can turn a dull afternoon into an all around fun day. What’s more, sometimes being online can add volumes to the experience. Take online trivia as an excellent example. Not only can you play it whenever you want, but the questions are often separated by difficulty to match your needs. What’s more, there can often be thousands of questions in each category, resulting in a new experience every time that doesn’t need to end like a live trivia activity would.

The internet can be both a great tool and a source of entertainment. In the life of a senior with much time on their handsHealth Fitness Articles, it can be a great mental stimulation and use of those hours.


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