Handyman – How One Can Help a Senior

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Hiring a handyman can help a senior take care of routine maintenance and maintain independence. When hiring a contractor, make sure to do your research carefully to get one with a good reputation who will protect your home and your privacy.

Many people who hire someone do so to get help with major remodeling projects or huge outdoor projects. However, contractors can help with little tasks too. Many seniors find that hiring a contractor to take on some of their small work around the house can take the stress of remaining independent off of their shoulders.

Safety Considerations

For many seniors, climbing a ladder to clean the gutters or inspect the roof, spending hours in the hot sun working in the yard, or even being exposed to paint fumes for an extended period of time is not considered safe. Hiring a handyman to handle these tasks takes out the risk and allows seniors to enjoy their space without worrying about dangerous maintenance tasks.

Physical Limitations

As we age, we often lose some of our agility and strength. Tasks that might have seemed simple to your younger self now seem overwhelming. You can call on friends or family members to help lift a heavy load or dig a hole for your new plant, but sometimes it’s easier to just pay someone to do it for you. Having a quality handyman available will help you get the job done when you need it done, rather than waiting for the charity and help of others.

Routine Maintenance

You’ve worked hard to enjoy your retirement, but sometimes routine maintenance needs get in the way. If you work regularly with a contractor, you can call him up when you have a maintenance job that comes up. Keep in mind that you will save a little money if you can combine jobs into one trip to your home. Instead of having the contractor come three times in the same month for small jobs, have him come one time and handle all of the jobs. This will protect you from additional hourly charges or fuel charges, depending on the contractor’s policies.

Considerations When Hiring a Contractor

Sadly, many unscrupulous individuals feel that seniors are easy prey for scams. As such, you need to do your research carefully when hiring a handyman to help around your home. Use third-party websites that evaluate and rate local contractors to ensure you are getting someone who does a good job.

Research other contractors to ensure that the rate is fair. Make sure your contractor has all of the necessary insurance to protect you from liability if he is injured while at your property. A common scam involves faking or exaggerating an injury to collect from your insurance or out of your pocket, so only hire contractors who are fully insured. Check into licensing and bonding rules in your community, and look for contractors with the right credentials.

If you are still wondering about a particular handyman and have friends or relatives you trust who can help you decide, feel free to call them in. Remember, you will be trusting your home to this individualFind Article, so you want someone reliable and trustworthy once you make your decision.

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