How to Keep Your Brain Stimulated and How Your Attention Creates a Good Memory As You Age

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I’d be most surprised if the vast majority of us can’t recall our early childhood memories of when our parents bought us different games. Even though we weren’t aware of it at the time, many of the games they bought us had been designed to develop our young memories. In fact, one particular game comes to mind and that was a card game where the cards would be placed face down. We’d flip the first and then the second until we flipped one over which matched one we had already seen. When this happened, both cards would be removed and the game would continue.

While we lose interest in those early games as we grow up, we’re still captivated by other memory games throughout our lives. An example of this are the many game shows appearing on television and while they offer prizes rather than a mere pat on the back, the goal remains the same as it was back then, to keep our brain stimulated.

Long gone are the days when the medical profession viewed loss of memory as an inevitable part of growing old. Instead, we are now all aware of the fact that age does not affect our cognitive abilities and this has been made evident on countless occasions where senior citizens display razor sharp memories.

Even more interesting are the numerous scientific studies which have produced outstanding results, such the ability for new cells to form in direct response to mentally challenging pursuits. Likewise, many modern games which serve to stimulate ones mind have been shown to improve memory as well. Perhaps the most significant discovery of all is that the human brain is capable of complete regeneration.

Fortunately for us all, almost any new activity we take part in will instigate the learning process to begin. This is especially noticeable when one takes on the task of learning a new language for example. Of course, it’s not necessary for such severe endeavors as simple games such as cards, chess, scrabble as well as many other popular board games, will all serve to hone our memories and keep our minds conditioned.

Debates are another outstanding method which can be employed to keep our brains active so even those who would rather be surfing the internet than playing board games, can take solace in knowing that any time they spend debating various topics on one of the many online forums, they’ll be feeding their brain as well.

Of course while some people may not want to hear this, physical exercise is an excellent tonic for the brain as it increases the flow of blood to the brain which carries much needed oxygen and glucose. Getting involved in some form of sport or exercise will ensure your brain remains cocked and loaded.

Let’s face it, none of us fancy the idea of being left sitting out on the balcony all day staring into space and not even knowing our arm from our elbow. The good news is, it does not have to be this way just because we get old. Nobody has any excuse because there are simply too many options available to you in order to keep your brain conditioned. Reading, sports, learning a musical instrument, learning a language, learning to fly, singing, dancing and the list could just carry on and on so get out there and feed your mind.

Now, when we consider the words of Tryon Edwards that attention creates a good memory, it stands to reason that we need to take part in activities which we find interesting and which demand our full attention.

By: Leon Edward

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