Moments and memories

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Appreciating our existence requires a perspective that looks at it in its entirety. Like reading a book, we cannot say whether it is good or bad without knowing the whole tale. The same principle applies to life itself.

Life is a series of events, each one leading inexorably to the next. And in order for us to see the bigger picture, we must look at and appreciate each event that occurs. Life is constant motion. We appear to be endlessly moving towards the future, perhaps even continuously worrying about the demands of tomorrow.  Sometimes we forget to live in the present. We often fail to take hold of the instant and appreciate its fleeting passage.

Each moment of our existence is a thread that we weave into the tapestry of our lives. When our lives finally reach their inevitable conclusion, what tapestry will we see?

Every event in our lives leaves an indelible record in time forever written in history. And upon reaching the twilight of our existence, we will realize that the most valuable possession that will remain with us are the memories of these moments.

Every instant we are alive is therefore precious. Let us seize every moment and relish its significance. The evanescence of our very existence should move us to see each instant as a chance to make a new and pleasant memory. Let us constantly create good memories especially with the people who matter. Because upon reaching the end of our life’s journeyFree Articles, all that we will leave behind are these memories.


Author: Frederick Fabella, PhD

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