The Reduction of the Aging Process

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Why do we age? Popular wisdom would have us believe that we age because the earth is moving around the sun. But do we age because time passes? Or do we age because we allow ourselves to age?

The truth is that time does not age us as much as our decisions do. Our decision to create a powerful physique will reverse the effects of time. A decision to live on whole and living foods will refresh our cellular matrix. A decision to open our minds to our longevity and our unlimited potential will be the reason we do not simply age because we believe it to be inevitable.

Our skin does not need to age as rapidly as most do. Nor do our organs, our spine, or our minds. The bulk of visible aging is a consequence of believing in aging, and allowing aging. Believing in youth and participating in a daily refreshment of your mind, body, and soul is the most potent method you have of reversing aging.

Ignored, our muscles lose their form and their function. Ignored muscles make us look older than we are. They create sagging where no sagging should be accepted. Sagging and wrinkling are primarily a result of ignoring our muscular system, and they can therefore be so much less than what we normally see.

Poor posture ages us. The greatest indicator of age, greater than wrinkles or grey hair, is our posture. A stooped over young man with colored hair will look older than a similarly appearing man with erect posture, some white hair and some mild wrinkling. We recognize, instinctively, that the stooped person is decaying on the inside, and we know, instinctively, that this is a greater sign of aging.

Ignored inflexibility ages us. The way we move when flexibility would be required is interpreted by those around us as signs that we are aging. The very slight rigidity, the very slight stiffness that you have convinced yourself is no big deal is a sign: it is a sign that your physique is dysfunctional, and it is a sign, to those around you, that you are aging. It is not an “expected” sign of growing old. It is a sign that you do not take proper care of the gift of life you’ve been given.

Change the way you think about your body, and change the way you feel in the body you live in. We were designed to live over a hundred years, in energeticBusiness Management Articles, healthy bodies.

Author: Dr. Bryan Brodeur

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