Assisted Living Care

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Although we’re all living longer and healthier lives, the time may come where your aging parent or loved one is in need of help. Then, questions about assisted living care arise. You want to provide help for your loved one, but still allow him or her retain their independence and enjoy a home environment where they’ve made a lifetime of memories. Assisted living care is an excellent option for seniors who wish to continue living in their community and home to feel secure, despite difficulties they may be experiencing. How do you know if your aging relative is in need of assisted living care? What assisted living care services are available to make in-home care a feasible option for your family? This article will provide answers.

What is Assisted Living Care?

You want your parent, friend, or loved one to enjoy their freedom and independence for as long as possible, and remain comfortable in their own household. Assisted Living care is becoming a popular choice for seniors, as it enables them to remain in the safety and comfort of their own home, and relieves care giving duties from relatives and family members. Often times, your loved one may need help with activities or tasks that go overlooked—such as opening jars, driving, maintaining a clean household, and bathing. Assisted living care offers support for those in need of assistance with personal care and daily activities and can provide part-time, full time, and as-needed support.

However, it’s important to understand that assisted living caregivers do not always provide health-related services. Home health providers offer medical care, such as trained nurses or physical therapy services for seniors. Assisted living caregivers assist with non-medical home care.

How do I Know if My Relative, Parent, or Loved One Needs Assisted Living Care?

As your parents age they may require assistance, but assisted living care enables your parent or loved one to continue living independently for as long as possible. What are signs that your relative is in need of assisted living services? The following questions will help you decide.

  • When you visit your loved one, do you find him/her frequently wearing the same clothing or outfit?
  • Is your parent able to properly administer their own medication? Do they frequently forget to take prescriptions?
  • Are they no longer able to keep their yard, house, or property clean?
  • Have you noticed bruises on your loved one or has he/she had incidents of falling?
  • Is your parent skipping meals? Is there uneaten food in the refrigerator or spoiled food around the house?
  • Do you believe your loved one would be safe in case of emergency? Would they be able to respond appropriately?

If you answered “yes” to some of these questions, it may be time to seriously consider assisted living care. Your loved one may only need care for a few hours a day, but their quality of live can improve significantly with in-home assistance. Although this decision may be emotional and challenging, it’s sometimes necessary to keep your loved ones safe, cared for, and comfortable.

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