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Top Myths of Senior Assisted Living

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Article Link Senior assisted living communities are designed to empower individuals to maintain the independence they have come to enjoy, while allowing for convenient access to assistance, activities and companionship. Communities work hard to ensure that seniors feel right at home. Despite … Continued

How To Keep Your Bones Strong?

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The latest research about osteoporosis and bone health. Important information on how to prevent bone loss and bone fractures as well as treatment and medication for osteoporosis. For most older people and even for some younger people, thinning bones is … Continued

The Mediterranean Diet and Heart Disease

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“The Mediterranean Diet” has been found, through epidemiological studies showing particularly low incidence of heart disease in the Mediterranean Basin, to be effective in combating heart disease. The cardio-protective properties in many of the foods consumed in countries like Italy, … Continued

Moments and memories

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Appreciating our existence requires a perspective that looks at it in its entirety. Like reading a book, we cannot say whether it is good or bad without knowing the whole tale. The same principle applies to life itself. Life is … Continued

Skin Cancer

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Types of skin cancer: * Basal cell carcinoma * Squamous cell carcinoma * Melanoma * Mycosis fungoides * Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma * Kaposi’s sarcoma Basal cell carcinoma – is the most common type of skin cancer. It typically appears as … Continued

Air Travel Tips For Senior Travelers

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Nowadays, air travel is no longer as fun and inexpensive as it used to be since 911, thanks to tighter airport security checks. This is especially true for senior travelers with limited mobility challenges. Enhanced security measures will require you … Continued

Insomnia – The Growing Epidemic

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Insomnia is an epidemic affecting more than a third of all adults. Insomnia is becoming an increasingly common complaint which currently affects more than a third of all adults. People who suffer from insomnia experience poor-quality sleep and generally complain … Continued

Tips To Manage Your Diabetes

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Diabetes is an epidemic disease that affects more and more people nowadays. No need to panic when diagnosed with diabetes. It’s bad news. It could be devastating at first. Fortunately, diabetes is a manageable condition. By following some simple steps … Continued

Coping With Stress

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The first step in coping with stress is learning what stress is all about, what causes it and what the signs are. Although it is often discussed, few people know exactly what stress is. Some people consider stress to be … Continued

Diabetic Neuropathy

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Diabetic neuropathy is a painful and debilitating problem for which little can be done with medication. Fortunately, some natural treatments are showing promise in not only easing symptoms but in actually improving nerve function. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the … Continued

Overactive Bladder

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When the bladder becomes full the brain signals the muscles in the bladder to contact causing urine to exit the body through the urethra.  Normally this is under voluntary control.  However for someone suffering from an overactive bladder the bladder … Continued

Drug Interactions Can Be A Problem

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Drug interactions can mean different things to many people, but most people think of the different varieties of prescription medications, the disclaimers and the label warning information. The great thing about taking only one medication is that it is much … Continued

Simple Ideas For Better Health

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Better health ideas are great and most everyone would agree. However, agreeing and achieving are two very different mentalities. Knowing better health is the best but never changing anything to start in that direction is not a good way to … Continued

Walking Improves Memory Function

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Brisk walking three times a week increases memory function. Walking spurs the growth of new neurons in the hippocampus. Do you know why you lose some of your memory function when you age? It’s because the brain actually shrinks. This, … Continued

Drug Therapy in Elderly

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With altered organ-functions, the effects and efficient removal of drugs is affected in elderly. Elderly are more likely to experience adverse effects of drugs. They may not be able to tolerate full doses of drugs. Medicine may exhibit abnormal responses … Continued

Do memory games work?

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Mind-stimulating games such as certain board games have been very popular among the masses as it provides great entertainment, especially for group outings. However, are memory games helpful to us in improving our memory? There are many memory games that … Continued

Assisted Living Home

Assisted living communities or residences are the preferable long-term care option for many seniors who require housing, support services and healthcare on a continuing basis. Now available nationwide, these regulated establishments differ from medical centers or nursing homes in that … Continued

The Triad of Health

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What is health? Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defines health as a “state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” Our bodies are wired for health and vitality, not for illness and disease. … Continued

The Falling Senior Citizen

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Almost 30% of people over 65 fall each year. Ninety percent of all hip fractures are associated with falls. Approximately 300,000 hip fractures and more than 700,000 vertebral fractures occur each year, mostly in the elderly.  The yearly direct cost … Continued

Moving with Senior Citizens

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Relocation to a new home is often a very difficult, detailed, and long process especially for senior citizens who have restrictions on physical activity. Since their endurance levels have decreased and they can no longer lift very heavy items due … Continued

Timeless Wisdom on Aging

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1. Physical exercise. Physical exercise strengthens your brain. Exercise benefits your brain cells. The blood vessels inside your brain dilate and increase blood flow when you engage in regular exercise. Exercise helps to eliminate toxins and allows oxygen and other … Continued


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To Change Your Behavior, Change Your Mind “In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes,” is a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin. I suspect I am not the first to disagree. I believe the only certainty during life … Continued

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