Be Alert For Caregiver Burnout

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With one in three Americans filling the role of a family caregiver, burnout is a problem that needs to be addressed. Caregiver burnout comes from excessive mental. physical and emotional stress for a prolonged period of time. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. This continuing stress leads to a loss of interest and motivation.

A caregiver can burnout when they try and do more than they are able, or who do not get any help and therefore become physically and or financially depleted. Caregivers who are

The person filling the job as caregiver is not a servant but a person with rights every caregiver has. A caregiver who is caring for an elderly family member need to seek some relief time from other family members. Every caregiver must have some free time to recharge their well being. If circumstances are such that no family member can provide relief for the caregiver, the family can involve a third party, either a clergy member, or someone from a geriatric social agency.

Caring for someone you love can cause numerous feelings and emotional reactions. You have the right to feel any emotion that you have.You also have the right to seek help in dealing with your emotions.

As a caregiver you must take care of yourself if you are to be effective in caring for a seriously ill loved one. There are several reasons to ask for care giving relief as part of respite. Getting out and about, away from the chores of aiding in dressing, bathing and toilet helping will help reinvigorate. These tasks, hard both physically and emotionally, contribute greatly to caregiver burnout.

When planning for our loved ones, we will always include our own care needs. We know that the stress of caring for someone with a terminal illness is going to put a lot of stress on us, especially physically. We will make sure we eat right, get adequate sleep and go to the doctor regularly. We are willing to adjust how we care for others based on our own physical and emotional health.

By: Gerald Melnick

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