Dentists: Caring For Senior Citizens

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Dentists serve people of all ages and the elderly are particularly special because many dental problems usually occur during this age. Age may have something to do with the abundance of problems that occur to the elderly but erratic dental care can also be the culprit here.

Common Problems:

One of the more common things that can happen to a senior citizen is gum disease. This happens when plaque around the base of the tooth is not taken out properly or not taken out at all. There are a number of factors that contribute to the plaque in the base of a tooth. Among these factors, improper brushing and not flossing are the major ones. Some people just brush their teeth randomly and miss out on the base of each tooth; instead they concentrate too much on the top parts of the teeth. Although it is not wrong to focus on the tops of the teeth, the bases should not be deprived of attention also. Ill-fitting dentures and other dental appliances can also add to the plaque problem. Food can accumulate n the niches in between dentures and appliances. This combined with improper brushing and flossing can add to gum disease. Regular visits to their dentists can help people maintain their oral health until a ripe old age.

Dentures and other dental paraphernalia are common for senior citizens. Dentists often recommend the usage of such things to normalize the shape of the oral cavity and the placement of a person’s pearly whites. In many cases, a missing tooth can contribute to eventual irregular movement of the teeth. The movement may be subtle and very little but a missing one can really add to the crooked appearance of the overall set. Dentists usually order the dentures from a laboratory or a clinic that specializes in their production. Senior citizens will need a complete, or close to it, set to be able to chew their food well and ingest. For those who just lost one or two, bridges can be prescribed instead of the complete denture set.

A discolored or dark tooth can be the result of a lifetime of ingesting dark colored beverages and foods. The dental professional can easily treat this oral cavity problem without the need for dentures or surgery. Usually, the older individuals are recommended to brush with special toothpaste that is designed to whiten the smile. There are also some other applications that are to be used at night or when it can be placed on each tooth for a longer period of time. These are applications that are attached to each individual tooth and left to do their magic.

Root decay is something that plagues older people because as we ageArticle Search, there is a high possibility that our gums will recede. This will leave the roots exposed to whatever the individual eats and to whatever bacteria may be present in the oral cavity. This can lead to some pain and discomfort for the individual and eventually a rotten tooth.


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