Drug Interactions Can Be A Problem

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Drug interactions can mean different things to many people, but most people think of the different varieties of prescription medications, the disclaimers and the label warning information. The great thing about taking only one medication is that it is much easier to monitor the effects on your body and be aware of any problems almost immediately. For those taking many medications close together, monitoring and problem solving is much harder and can cause some major problems for the patient.

Prescription drugs are notorious for having too many cross interaction tests to determine where the problem cause is and add to these confusions the different chemical makeup of each drug and you might be looking for a needle in a haystack and many possible adverse reactions. Regardless of how many tests are ordered it all depends on the individual and the medications and the reactions that might not even be mentioned on the label so the patient might not realize that the new problem is actually coming from one or more of the medications they are taking.

One way to try and combat unusual reactions to the medications you are taking is by closely communicating with your doctor making sure they are aware of every single medication you are taking. However, because some doctors are not fully versed in every drug, especially the less common drugs, they might be at a loss for what is going on. To get the full scoop on the medications you are taking and how they might have negative interactions always and frequently consult your pharmacist. They are specifically trained in specific drugs, the chemical compounds used and the many ways they can affect the body and for the most part they would probably be the best medical professional to seek advise from.

Of course, while some medications are life threatening it is important to realize that the less medications you take the better off your body will be. Medication that can help certain problems can also take a large toll on organs such as your kidneys, liverScience Articles, and heart.

The importance of letting your doctor know what prescription and OTC drugs and medications you are taking regularly cannot be stressed enough. The best approach is to be proactive like doing some of your own research as well as limiting the number of medications you are taking when you can and definitely stop any medications that are producing questionable side effects until you can talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Following these simple suggestions will help you live a long and healthy life well into your future.

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