Great Gift Ideas for the Senior Citizens in Your Life

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When it comes time to buy those special seniors in your life gifts you may have some trouble deciding just what they need or want. You may assume that they have everything already and become even more frustrated about what to do.

Actually, shopping for seniors really isn’t all the different from buying for anyone else. Simply keep in mind their likes and dislikes along with any limitations they may have. Following are some gift ideas for seniors to get you started:

1. Subscription to a Movie Rental Site: Online places such as Netflix and Blockbuster offer subscriptions for movie rentals and these can be greatly appreciated by the senior that cannot get out often. It’s easy to go through and arrange a queue for the movies desired. So when one is mailed back another one automatically is sent. You can help your senior get everything set up.

2. For the sweet tooth: There are specialty candies that can be bought in stores carrying candies that were the favorite of the seniors as long as 30 to 40 years ago. This can bring back happy memories of the past while enjoying the candy in the present. For diabetics, there are candies made for them as well.

3. Indoor plants: Many senior citizens have a green thumb and love to take care of plants and flowers. Choose the plant that is a favorite and get a nice planter or pot as part of the gift. Also, include items that may be needed to care for the plant such as a water spritzer, watering pail, plant nutrients and anything else that’s needed to keep the plant healthy.

4. Books: Books may be a favorite past time of your senior. If they have trouble seeing to readFind Article, audio-books are always welcome. These can be bought in bestsellers now.

All you have to do is keep it simple and keep in mind what they like.


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