The Missing Ingredient in Vital, Vibrant Living

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One of the top 10 ways of relieving anxiety? Exercise.

Maintain good health? Exercise.

Relieve depression? Build self-esteem? Improve self-image and confidence? Reduce tension? Improve mental sharpness and alertness? Increase immunity to certain diseases and health risks? Lose weight? Improve the quality of sleep?

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

With a list of that many benefits, you might ask:

What stops so many of us women from exercising?

“No time” is the number one reason most women offer when asked why they don’t exercise. And it’s true; women’s lives are busier than ever before. However, when something is important, when you are committed, when you really want something, you can find the time for it.

Look beneath the easy and ready excuse and you may find more complex reasons why you don’t start or can’t seem to stay with a regular exercise routine.

Impatience: you want to get in great shape Right Now! Never mind that it took 10 or 20 years to get in the shape you’re in.

Unrealistic Expectations: Looking for the “perfect body” is a guaranteed set up for failure.

Intimidation: The idea of failure or looking foolish or being a beginner may intimidate you into never starting an exercise program.

Bad experiences or painful memories: Experiences such as humiliation or old feelings of inadequacy, or embarrassment like “tried before and did not stick to it” can cause resistance to the idea of exercise.

Physical exercise is essential to good physical and emotional health and a sense of wellbeing. Consider these Make It Happen tips to help you overcome the challenge of “not enough time”:

  • Start slowly.
  • Get a buddy.
  • Find an activity you like.
  • Go for progress not perfection.
  • Realize that it is a journey. Don’t give up. If you miss a day, begin again the next day.
  • Be patient. All good things take time.
  • Congratulate yourself on what you have done and keep going.
  • Ask for help and support when you need it.

Being active improves body, mind, and spirit. It is key to increasing the quality of your life and how you look and feel.

Take one step today towards living an active lifestyle.

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Author: Josee Smith

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