Recreation is a necessity for senior citizens

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Senior Citizens are vulnerable to isolation and inactivity, which lead to depression and loneliness. These lead to physical ailments, which leader to further isolation… and so forth. Seniors often believe that these are the inevitable results of aging, and these expectations prevent them from seeking the opportunities are available to them to avoid the cycle of isolation and loneliness. This article offers some affordable and accessible recreational activities tailored for seniors.¬† As individuals and as a society we need to bring our older folks together with these opportunities.

As our citizenry grows older, there is a expanding focus on training and acquiring long term leisure competencies. Research shows that recreation is a principal portion of one’s own social patterns. Recreation has an important function throughout the lives of older adults by contributing to a more rewarding quality of life. People who participate in recreational actions as older citizens report significant life satisfaction compared with people who do not.

Physical recreation is especially important. Engaging in physical activity minimizes almost every danger of disease, including heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer as well as diabetes. Participation in recreational actions boosts mental well-being too. Once again, studies exhibit that older people who participate in recreational pastimes possess healthier coping behaviors in reaction to demanding life occasions and day-to-day frustrations. They understand that social support is relevant and available because of these activities.

The fact is that many of us have come to view our retirement years as a time of decreasing activity and social interaction. This can result in the belief that they’re incapable of recreational activity or that it will not be offered to them. They frequently cite scarce financial resources, lack of transportation or declining health as reasons for avoiding these important¬† pursuits/ Although there’s some validity to these concerns, we often overlook the improving resources which are aimed at maintaining wellness among senior citizens. Some of these resources are:

  • Travel programs. Fees are generally required, nonetheless deep discounts for seniors are typically offered.
  • Volunteering. Seniors bring valuable experience, wisdom and compassion to others
  • Elderhostel. A world-wide travel program bringing affordable adventure and learning to seniors
  • Theme parks. Senior days! Special entry fees!
  • Entertainment and arts. Museum and theater tours often present discounts and transportation to seniors
  • Local parks and recreation programs. Fantastic outdoor activities
  • Community Gardening. Check with your local parks and recreation office
  • Senior citizen centers. Free or reduced price meals and a lot more!
  • Book clubs. Reading and socialization are a potent therapeutic combination for the actual brain

It is imperative for senior citizens and those who care for them to seek out recreational opportunities even if they may feel reluctant to do so. Research indicates that seniors who participate in these kinds of actions tend to stay active.

Western cultures sometimes view their older populations as economic and social liabilities. Actually when these ‘old people’ are nurtured, they become assets. Recreational diversions can assist and motivate seniors to contribute their valuable time and wisdom.


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