Assisted Living as an Alternative to Nursing Homes

As much as you may want to—you may not always be able to provide the care your loved one needs. This is especially true if you have a family member who is elderly, disabled, or in need of advanced medical or hospice care. The decision to put your loved in a nursing home can cause you grief and emotional trauma. How do you know their needs will be taken care of? For residents in Southern Maryland, an assisted living care setting can provide a better alternative than a nursing home and afford you some peace of mind.

How is a assisted living setting superior to nursing homes? Nursing homes are often crowed and understaffed. Even if the staff in genuinely concerned for the care of their patients, they may not have the staff available to properly care for their residents. In an assisted living care setting, the staff to patient ratio is much lower, affording the ability to offer specialized care and assistance to residents.

Also, a nursing home room is more like a hospital room than a home. Residents can feel devalued by not having a place of their own. An assisted living care setting offers residents as much freedom to live on their own as is possible. An elderly parent, spouse, or other family member can maintain a sense of dignity and pride in having their own residence.

Some assisted living care settings also offer the “village” concept. This is where small groups of residents, normally eight or less, live together as a family. These residents learn to depend upon one another and form long-lasting friendships. Companionship is extremely important for individuals who for one reason or another need assistance and can no longer live alone.

Some assisted living facilities have a farm on site, allowing the residents who are able to get around on their own to enjoy the peaceful setting of farm animals and crops growing in the field.  Even residents who cannot walk around much can sit on a park bench and enjoy the lovely atmosphere.

No matter what level of medical attention your loved one may need, his medical needs can be adequately met at a assisted living care setting. The residents have medical staff available to take care of any medical need that arises. There is an on-site registered nurse, a visiting doctor, dentist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and podiatrist. For residents who need hospice care, hospice care is available on site.

Assisted living care facilities can give you the peace of mind in knowing that not only are your loved ones’ medical needs being taken care of, but they are also surrounded by friendly, helpful staff; and a community of residents with whom they will enjoy spending time.

Put your mind at ease by choosing an assisted living care facility over a nursing home.  If you are need help in caring for an aging parent, disabled relativeFree Reprint Articles, or other family member who needs medical or hospice care; an assisted care living facility will offer as much freedom as possible to residents while making sure their every need is met.


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