Strategies to Locate Comfortable Senior Citizen Communities and New Homes

For many a senior, new homes represent a chance to break free from ongoing house maintenance. And, if the home is located in a retirement community, there’s an opportunity to combine the freedom of independent living with the security of on-site assistance, community and recreation.

If you’re a senior, new homes in a dedicated retirement community can be very appealing. There’s a focus on active adult living, your lawn maintenance is taken care of, the community is committed to seniors and you get to live independently while enjoying the comfort of on-site health care amenities.

Retirement communities and age-restricted resort communities are one of the fastest growing sections of the residential building country. These mega-communities are targeted toward seniors and filled with state-of-the-art recreation centers, on-site social coordinators, gyms, golf courses and even community centers. If you’re thinking about moving to an age-restricted or retirement community, read on to find out what you should look for in a prospective new home.

Closeness to Your Family

If you’re close with your children and grandchildren, you may want to restrict your search to new retirement communities in the nearby area. Also, when planning on many visits from young grandchildren, you may need to opt for a larger home with more than one or two bedrooms.

On-Site Recreation and Activities

If you love to swim, search for a retirement community with an on-site swimming pool. If you are into to golf, find one with a gold course. And if you get a kick out of making pottery, look for one with a potter’s studio. Fitness buffs should make sure there’s an on-site gym.

Basically, you want to find a senior’s community that appeals to your likes and interests as a senior. New homes are great but they can’t be moved – so, look for a home that’s close to everything you enjoy in life, otherwise you might find yourself regretting the move all together.

On-Site Amenities

A good senior’s community will have a pharmacy within close proximity and walking distance from all the houses. An even better senior’s community will offer an easily accessible health care clinic. The best would be one staffed by an on-site nurse or close to a nearby hospital.

Can You Easily Get Around?

Not only is walking critical to staying active, but it’s also often the only means of transportation for many seniors. So, when purchasing a new home, look for one in a community that’s pedestrian friendly or offers a range of public transit services.

Community Members

Moving into a retirement community is about more than buying a house where you don’t have to mow the lawn – it’s also about living within a community and making friends with your neighbors. Before purchasing in a new development, take a look at the company’s literature or attend an information session for potential residents. Could you see yourself fitting in there and getting along with the other residents?

If you’re a senior, new homes in an age-restricted community are a great way to combine independent living with a neighborhood that’s focused on the needs of seniors. But, before you buy, remember to evaluate the community itself, how close it is to nearby amenities and your familyFind Article, and whether the facilities match up with your own needs.


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