Stroke Signals And Symptoms

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The intensity of a stroke should never be taken lightly, there will be lingering health related issues associated with the stroke and any stoke victim will experience them. The victim will also need to understand that the after effects of a stoke can have a lesser effect if they are recognized and treated early regardless if the stroke was mild or severe. Not immediately treating the stroke, can have very negative long lasting health issues that will have to be dealt with.

If you notice that someone is experiencing a stoke and you know at least some of the signs associated with a stroke it is very important and imminent that you immediately call 911 so help can be dispatched as soon as possible. In health matters such as a stroke, time is of the essence and very important that they get help fast.

Signs such as difficulty walking or trouble keeping their balance and coordination are some of the signs a stoke victim will display and very important if the problems are stemming from the same side of the body. Our brain has two halves and doctors know that a stoke only affects one side under normal circumstances. For their own safety if you see they are having trouble being steady, encourage them to remain seated until they receive help.

Affected speech is another sign of a stroke. The victim will experience slurred speech and have difficulty speaking as well as experience confusion. When you are unsure that a person is experiencing a stroke simple ask them to repeat a sentence or phase. This is another way to quickly assess the situation and condition because if they are experiencing a stroke will be unable to do this simple task.

Another area typically affected by a stroke is a person’s vision. This can result in blurred and blackened vision and a real problem being able to focus with their eyes. Other vision signs of a stroke include double vision. Rest assured that difficulty is a stroke indicating sign.

Another sign of a stoke is a headache, not the run of the mill headache that people will randomly experience, but a severe one that does not respond to treatment. Many stroke victims report no headaches during the stroke, however those who did reported a very severe one and it is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness and/or an altered consciousness.

To be on the safe side, if you even remotely suspect a stroke is taking place around you, place the 911 call immediately. A quick assessment can be done by having them stick out their tongue and if it veers to one side, this is a strong stroke indicator. As with any serious medical emergencyBusiness Management Articles, time is very important and it is very critical that emergency medical help be summoned at once without hesitation.


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